Out in Front: The College President as the Face of the Institution (American Coucil on Education Series on Higher Education)



Out in Front provides college and university presidents, especially new presidents, as well as aspiring presidents, with insight on how to be the public face of the college or university. While many programs and books provide opportunities for developing leadership skills, very little is available on just what is involved in being the one person that everyone immediately associates with the school.

For many presidents, this ends up being a kind of trial by fire experience. This book fills that gap by providing first hand insights from sitting presidents in higher education on how to deal with some of the most pressing day-to-day situations that leaders in higher education face.

Editorial Reviews


A priority for the Academy should be a more focused, comprehensive approach to creating a true leadership culture. This means providing the training and tools new deans and presidents need to be successful. Out In Front should be required reading for anyone who either aspires to become, or who is in such a leadership role. (Erroll Davis )
This book covers it all-from the viewpoint of those who have been there. Every new (and some old) presidents should read it and keep it handy on the shelf. (Clifford M. Brock )

This book is timely and needed for today’s new college presidents, and, also, for those who have been presidents for twenty years like myself. This book is critical reading and is on target! (Jim Kerley, Ph.D., President )

Presidents face very complicated decisions every day. The chapters in this book are written about the intricacies they must address from a very practical perspective by expert professionals. This is a must read for both the seasoned president as well as those who aspire to be a college president. (Michael B. McCall, President )

Theodore Roosevelt stated that ‘The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.’ Therefore, it should be no surprise that the successful presidency is about building and maintaining healthy, lasting relationships between the institution’s chief representation and its stakeholders and potential critics. As a former three-time college president, I strongly advocate that Out in Front is a must read for aspiring presidents and a valuable refresher to sitting presidents. (Richard J. Federinko, Ph.D. )



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