Silas LaMontaie

My fifth book, the novel Silas LaMontaie, releases in November 2019 from Black Rose Writing.

The LaMontaies are on the run after Silas’ father is implicated in the burning of the local sugar mill, first to upstate Louisiana then to the river bottoms of far western Kentucky. Whenever the past closes in, they leave, taking with them their family traditions of Cajun country. Silas learns to move on whenever the family must, until he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Jessie May, his muse. Captivated, he turns to his father’s gift to him: music. 

It is a highly atmospheric and engaging story full of the sights, sounds, and lives of the deep south. Family wisdom carries them. 

The book includes four songs written by “Silas” in the novel, composed and produced by Travis Tench.

Listen below to hear Silas come to life…

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