A bit more . . .

God, how has she managed to get mixed up with him? How could she have put herself in this position of having to rescue her own children in the middle of the night? How could she have allowed herself to put her faith in this mortal man, when God had anointed her? The car fishtails as she navigates another turn. She must make the creek before it floods.

Then again, she remembers their first meeting, when they were both students at the little college they had attended way back when. She had noticed then that he was attractive enough, with his full lips and his almost oriental-shaped eyes, his cavalier mustache. He had been considered a prize catch by the other girls Lara knew. She had waited for him that early autumn Monday to come strolling from his engineering class, alone, seeming older than most of the other students, but he wasn’t. He was just wiser looking and filled with confidence.

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