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Incarnate taste:

Chapter 1
Lara knows God’s voice. It echoes now in the thunder that jolts
the night. Who can deny the authority in His command? Lara
knows His voice, and she knows what He demands of her, His
blessed vessel. It is time. She feels her way into the darkness
through the doorway, her path now lit by the shadowless light of a
quick flash of lightning. A deep boom that makes the old house
shudder, and Lara jump, follows the light. The room is black again
now, except for the meager glow from a lamp at the far end of the
hallway. Torrents of rain pelt against the window and across the
outside of the house. She crosses to the bed, reaches down, and
puts her hand over Louis’ mouth and he awakes with a start. In
the near dark, she can’t tell if his eyes hold a question or fear. It’s
just the storm that scares him. Another blue-white double flash
brightens the room, followed again by a deafening report. Louis
jumps and twists his head towards the window. He must have
been asleep. How a five year old can be sleeping in the face of
God’s wrath is beyond her. When he looks back, she recognizes the
fear on his face.

Release date set!

Incarnate will launch on March 16th at A Novel Experience, a great independent bookstore in Zebulon, Georgia.  That will be followed by a number of readings and signings across Georgia and Kentucky.  Look for updates on this site.


You can visit the bookstore website here: