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“Mother?” Dale has leaned up now and is staring over her shoulder at the water. “Shh.” Lara’s eyes are wide. The water is deeper than she thought it might be, but she has made a commitment, and now is no time to stop, to deny God’s commandment, so she gives the engine more gas and feels […]

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It is too dark and the rain is falling too hard to tell how much water there is. She looks into the mirror to get a glimpse of her boys, her precious boys, but they are below the view of her angle. Besides, it is too dark for her to see them. Nonetheless, she stares […]

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The light from the yellow headlights disappears into the black eddies. Lara stares at the creek through the momentary clear spot caused by the wipers before the heavy rain makes her view blurred again. She has no idea how deep it might be without a scale of some sort, a tree or a rock that […]

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She can’t see the water yet, but she knows she doesn’t want to plow into it and kill the motor. That would be awful. They would be stuck there, or worse. She cannot risk her sons’ lives, especially Dale. It is a terrible responsibility, and she shudders now to think of it. She has come to a […]

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Oh, sure, he’s great with the children, when he has the energy, playing football or helping them build something trivial that they treasure, although the truth was he and Dale played while Louis watched, that same silent watching he seemed to always do. But Frank’s entire view of the world is so jaded. He had […]

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