2013 February


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She had parked herself on the edge of the fountain in the middle of the campus green and watched out of the corner of her eyes for him to come near, then she had stood suddenly and caused him to bump into her, although it had been a harder bump than she was ready for, […]

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A bit more . . .

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God, how has she managed to get mixed up with him? How could she have put herself in this position of having to rescue her own children in the middle of the night? How could she have allowed herself to put her faith in this mortal man, when God had anointed her? The car fishtails […]

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Continuing . . .

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Sometimes, she wishes he would disagree, that he would take some sort of stand and they could have a big fight and get everything out in the open, but he avoids fights with as much vigor as she employs with her spiritual work, although he avoids hearing about that even more. The wipers swish and […]

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Here’s more

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But there is a sense that she gets about him that his heart just isn’t in it. He doesn’t understand why they need to live here on this farm, why they need to get back to the primitive ways. Oh, she has explained it to him any number of times, all right. He should know. […]

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Chapter 1 continues

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The tires slide in the mud and sparse gravel of the lane, but she doesn’t slow down. There is no time to waste. If she can make it to the highway by the Colvin’s, she will be okay. Once she is on pavement, she can relax. But her thoughts go back to Frank. Of course, […]

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She has to hurry, or they will be trapped there on the farm, and God’s will must be done. The car sways past the fields and along the fence rows, sending a sound of crunching gravel, muffled by the constant drumming of the rain, across the farm. The rain falls hard, and already the road […]

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more from chapter 1

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“Where we goin’, Mother?” Dale’s voice is thin, almost tired sounding. “I wanna go back to bed.” That is more like a whine. “Go to sleep in the back seat, Honey. We’ve got a long way to go.” She looks in the mirror to address him, but it is too dark to see. She can’t […]

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“Shh.” Lara puts her hand on his head to guide him to the back door. A low thunder grumbles outside. “He’s in the car, I told you. Come on now.” She unlatches and opens the door, minimizing the ever-present creak as much as possible, although they are far enough away from Frank that it perhaps […]

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Latest installment from Chapter 1

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“Where’s Dale?” Louis rubs his eyes as he walks through the worn kitchen, his too large shoes scuffing along the linoleum that has cracked and settled in conformity to the sagging, see-saw floor below it. The drum stove is out, cool, and the room has grown cool and damp as well. The room smells musty, […]

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some more

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The voices have told her and no one else. No, if anyone would know, it is Lara. And Lara knows it is time. Louis is pulling over his head the tired, faded tee-shirt she has gotten out for him, and then his socks and tennis shoes. His short blond hair sticks up from sleeping, and […]

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